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Quality Assurance

Leave aside marketing of in-house manufactured products, trading of offerings produced by third party is alone a difficult task. But if you are supplying quality in both like us then there no worries in marketing them. We feel ourselves blessed to have support of strict quality analysts who pin point out each mistake if there is any, before passing range for final shipment. At in-house testing cell they minutely scrutinize fabric yarns used in production process to avoid possibilities of errors.

Client Satisfaction

There are many companies who in the name of services loot money of their customers. Many a times we hear of complains being made against enterprises for not providing quality as promised. Our company is not like such business units. We value our own time invested in manufacturing products and money incurred by clients in purchasing them. Ruining both values, just to gain extra piece of profit is not our cup of tea. We offer our range of Cottage Tent, Wedding, Swiss Tents and Wedding Chair, etc, of unparalleled quality whose checking is done twice by expert quality controllers. Not just through products, we keep our clients satisfied by offering effective Block Printing Services which are done under the guidance of superior software developers, engineers and designers.

Warehousing & Packaging

Warehousing is not just storing products like Cottage Tent, Wedding, Swiss Tents and Wedding Chair, etc. A well storage practice is when offerings are kept inside storehouse safely away from any kinds of hazards. We understand that it takes a lot to manufacture a product, hence storing it in any vacant place or store room isn't enough. We have established well-spaced storage place at our premise where offered tents are kept inside categorically for easy management and shipping process. Equipped with general yet essential amenities like electricity, CCTV cameras, communication systems, our warehouse is taken care by storekeepers who handle operations of storage house efficiently. We also use finest packaging materials for safe transportation.

Our Infrastructure

Jaipur is the place where we have our spacious infrastructural space. We get to know about how important it is to have well-developed infrastructural space when we were reading about famous business organizations on online portals years back during our inception days. Since, then by increasing cash flow statement and investing capital, we expanded our infrastructural unit. This step of enhancing infrastructural space not just boosted our sales that time but has also assisted us in moving ahead in industry. Divided into various departments, our infrastructural unit assists us conducting seamless business operations. From administrative department to quality testing house, each department is outfitted with required machines, tools, computer systems, furniture and communication systems. Our Infrastructure comprises:

  • Production Department
  • Quality Testing Cell
  • Marketing & Sales Department
  • Warehouse

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